Rehrstieg Galleria

The “Rehrstieg Galleria” shopping centre is situated right by the exit of Neuwiedenthal tram station (S-Bahn). The multi-tenant property, with a catchment area of around 30,000 people, has an important local services and supply function for the surrounding residential area.

70 per cent of Neuwiedenthal is situated in the Hamburg district of Hausbruch and the remaining 30 per cent in Neugraben-Fischbek. The border of these two districts partly goes through the centre of the verdant city.

After a fire in 2001, Wegner Immobilien was in charge of rebuilding the shopping centre. In the course of regeneration, Wegner Immobilien carried out continual modernisations. This included redoing the façade, entrance doors and lighting, the roofs, installing a customer toilet and improving the overall quality of facilities by adding seating for people to take a break. The parking situation was improved with new paving and allotment of parking spaces.

Rehrstieg Galleria

Neuwiedenthal / Hamburg-Harburg district

Detail information
Location + Address Rehrstieg 18–30, Neuwiedenthal
Usage type Shopping centre
Usage size 5,850 sq m
Property size 15,400 sq m
Project volume Around 12 million euro
Build year 1964; rebuilt in 2001
Services Project development; portfolio management
Anchor tenant REWE, Budni, KIK, Hamburger Sparkasse