Eiffestraße 585

The six-storey residential, industrial, and commercial building “Eiffestraße 585” is situated in the southern part of Hamburg – an area enjoying increasing popularity.

The building with its striking façade is situated in east Hamburg on the Federal road B5, one of the most important in and outbound roads of the Hanseatic city. The combination of traditional red brick and contemporary glass façade really stands out style-wise in this part of the street. It is highly visible both when entering and leaving the city.

In 2015, Wegner Immobilien acquired the industrial and commercial part of the property facing the Federal road in part ownership with a majority holding. The main tenant of the multi-tenant property is the around 6,000 m2 educational training centre for health professions (BZG) in Hamburg belonging to the Asklepios Kliniken. Able to accommodate up to 1,500 trainees, 1,000 of which in healthcare, the BZG is one of the largest training centres of all Hamburg companies and nationwide is Germany’s largest training centre for healthcare and healthcare management.

Eiffestraße 585


Detail information
Location + Address Hamburg, Eiffestraße 585
Usage type Office building with underground car park
Usage size 8,910 sq m
Property size 5,506 sq m
Project volume Around 15 million euro
Build year 1991
Services 2016 – acquisition, planning, realisation of redevelopment of the existing building complex, and portfolio management
Anchor tenant Asklepios Kliniken, Euryza, CIS