Do Aplerbeck shopping centre

Dortmund-Aplerbeck is one of the city’s most densely populated and largest suburbs. Diagonally across from Hundertwasserhaus and Haus Rodenberg (castle) is the Do Aplerbeck shopping centre. It is situated on the main road and has become one of the main attractions in the area.

In 2005–6, Wegner Immobilien upgraded the existing property by transforming the façade areas and modernising the refrigeration and air conditioning technology in its role as construction project manager. Diverse measures were undertaken to enhance the look of the one-storey shopping precinct.

Do Aplerbeck shopping centre


Detail information
Location + Address Rodenbergstraße 47, Dortmund
Usage type Shopping centre
Usage size 33,400 sq m
Property size Around 60,000 sq m
Project volume Around 45 million euro
Build year 1999, 2005–6 redevelopment
Services Measures taken to redevelop the existing building complex
Anchor tenant real,-SB Warenhaus, ProMarkt, McDonalds, Takko, and Best Carwash