The “Werderhof” building is situated next to Lake Schwerin close to Schwerin Castle. The modern office and business premises are located right next to the Marstall ‘Ministry of Cultural and Social Affairs’ (Kultus- und Sozialministerium Marstall) and offer moorings for boat owners. On the waterfront side, the property offers a fantastic view of the marina and from the top floors, a wonderful view of the regional capital.

Close to nature and yet close to the city best describe this part of town. The Werderhof is in a very central location, just a ten minutes’ walk to the city centre. The public transport stops and central station are nearby and provide a good connection to all parts of town.

The building is in keeping with the maritime flair of its surroundings, featuring a light stone façade, large windows, the accentuated bull’s eye panes, and sail-shaped roof.

vdek Landesvertretung Mecklenburg-Vorpommern health insurance company and numerous other service-provider companies enjoy the benefits of the property with lake views. There are also two restaurants on the ground floor.



Detail information
Location + Address Schwerin, Werderstraße 74
Usage type Commercial, restaurants, offices and residential units
Usage size 10,000 sq m
Property size 4,500 sq m
Project volume Around 30 million euro
Build year 1995
Services Project development
Anchor tenant Dresdner Bank, Vereinte Versicherungen, vdek-Landesvertretung Mecklenburg- Vorpommern, Gourmetfabrik, and Casagrande